31 Days of July

Post date – Friday, 1st July

Well I’m onto it. Already looking forward to a new ‘thing’ to do each day. My first action was number 27 – become an organ donor.




In July 2011, I finally followed through with my desire to create a blog. I thought my idea for a blog was dumb, as there are already so many craft blogs ‘out there’ and noone would want to read mine. Then I realised . . . . . . . . . . . . a blog isn’t necessarily for reading, mostly it for for writing.

So to kick start my motivation and commitment, I started with the 31 Days of July challenge: A project that would force me to blog about something every day.

It worked! I now love the opportunity to think, create & write.

Here is my original Page information I wrote for 31 Days of July


This month I am going to attempt an action that will make a difference to every day. My list (in no particular order) is

1. Go for a walk @ sunset

2. Put a “gold” coin in every charity tin I see on one day

3. Put a fresh flower on the dashboard of my car

4. Clean my bathroom mirror

5. Send an estranged/old friend a card or msg to say “I just thought of you”

6. Change a photo in a frame

7. Make a stranger smile with a compliment

8. Go to bed 2 hours earlier than normal

9. Put I.C.E. in my phones, address books, etc

10. Drop some (homemade) cakes to a local hospice/aged-care facility/hospital

11. Paint something – a wall, painting, paper, toenails, gate . . . .

12. Sweep the front or back door-step

13. Sit for 30 minutes doing no more than sipping a drink and daydreaming

14. Give a single flower to a friend, just because!

15. Sweep under & behind the fridge

16. Donate 3 old towels to an animal refuge

17. Spend $20 in a small retail shop, that I know is probably struggling in the current economic climate

18. Have a ‘swing’ – yes a swing ON a swing :)

19. Write my Christmas card list

20. Go for @ walk at sunrise

21. Write an old-fashioned handwritten letter (& post it)

22. Deliver a care package to a local Crisis charity (Red Cross, Salvation Army, etc)

23. Wipe the fingerprints of the kitchen light switch

24. Put a funny quote on my 31 Days of July board

25. Read a book

26. Deliver a morning ‘cuppa’ to someone without any fanfare

27. Get online to register to donate my organs after I die (Aussies can do it here)

28. Make some art and hang it somewhere prominent in my home

29. Decorate 6 clear jars with white paint (on the inside)

30. Put some fresh flowers in my bedroom

31. Send a note to all my loved ones, letting them know that I am an organ donor


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