31 Days of July – Day 11

Post Date – Monday 11th July

Today I did a version of No. 13. Instead of sitting still, I walked around the plot of my polar bear’s place. He lives across from the beach and rents, so there isn’t much of garden. Also the 14 ft retaining wall is falling down. I just strolled around picking up bits of wood and checked out little plants which had transported themselves to polar bear’s place.

I wasn’t really doing anything, but it felt so relaxing.

This is one of the views from Polar Bear’s front verandah, just above the dodgy retaining wall. (p.s. – I’m sitting in the banana lounge as I take this photo :)


2 Responses to 31 Days of July – Day 11

  1. Jane D"Arcy says:

    Hi Pia I love your blog it’s inspiring thank you for sharing. Hey wheres the list? You have an extra wonderful day. Love Jane.

    • amelied says:

      Thanks Jane. If you are looking for my list, just click on 31 Days of July at the TOP of my front page – just to the right of Home & the left of About. Thanks for looking at my little Blog. Keep an eye out for my next few posts :)

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