31 Days of July – Day 7

Post Date – Thursday 7th July

I was very GRUMPY today, so I had to find something that would cheer me up (my man is coming home a day later than usual – shift change at the mine site), so . . . .

I did action No. 7

And you know all I had to do? I was walking downtown (with a raincloud over my head – very grumpy I was) and I looked at an older man shuffling slowly towards me. I kept my eyes on him waiting until I got eye contact and I gave him my biggest smile and said “Good afternoon” He looked a bit surprised (as if he should know me) and realised I was just being polite, and he smiled back and said “Good afternoon young lady”

He called me young!

So here I was, bad mood beyond belief, strangers passing, two smiles, four words and an instant rainbow was created. How reinforcing to be shown that every time I offer joy I am at risk of being given joy back. (Sorry if this is all too mushy for some – but I was in a REALLY bad mood all day, and then it was gone).


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