31 Days of July – Day 26

Post Date: Tuesday 26th July

It has been raining ALL day, but I was determined to do No. 18 on my list today. After I closed the shop and before I went around to my g.f.’s house to do some more renovations, I drove down to the playground at the beach, and . . .

. . . went for a swing!!!

The first 20 swings I nearly vomitted. After that though, I started to remember just how much I use to love it. Do you remember when you would lean back and really push your feet forward, pointing your toes as hard as you could just so you could get more height?

OMG – my bum was very wet at the end of it (rain on the seat – you thought something else didn’t you?), and I know I had a stupid stupid grin on my face – but I didn’t care.

I had so much FUN!!!


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