the Black Dog

Despite regular bouts of depression, I very rarely feel affected by it. After all – I could have severe asthma, I could have cancer, I could have rhumetoid arthritis. My beast of burden is depression. So be it!

Last week however, the Black Dog did not just follow me around. It didn’t even nip at my heels. Last week it chased me, dragged me to the ground and held me down pinned by the throat. But . . .

. . . I have an attitude towards my depression, like asthma, there is a trigger. So as soon as I discover the trigger, I can start to tame the Black Dog!

And tame it, I did!!!

So today, on the other side of the storm, having been positive and strong,  I have come across this post from one of my weekly blog surfs – Summer

 and I feel WONDERFUL.

Just try and scare me now Black Dog.


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