Half way hump . . .

. . . . in my holidays!

Today the Polar Bear and I went for a jaunt through the inner South West.

We went for a meandering drive through Capel, Donnybrook, Kirup, Mullalyup & then finally stopped in Balingup. We had a scrumptious cafe style lunch at Taste of Balingup – the Polar Bear had a chirizo & asparagus salad & I had a crumbed steak foccacia. Mmmmmmm.

We then headed to the craft and antique mecca called The Old Cheese Factory, where we picked up some more plates for our wedding, a piece of woodwork you have to see to believe (in tomorrow’s blog) and bits n pieces. We spent over an hour inside and we were rushing a little. When we have some real money, we intend to go back and do some serious shopping.

But my biggest joy of the day was seeing Balingup’s attitude to living in the modern era. I’ll blog more tomorrow about the Gluten-Free Cafe (awesome), but just now, I have to post this photo of a regular telstra public phone box as it is in Balingup.

The community have built a pergola over it and grown beautiful wisteria along this. Behind it they have planted a golden robinia.

Love their work!!!


2 Responses to Half way hump . . .

  1. Candles says:

    Just a wonderful blog! What a lovely afternoon you had and the Old Cheese Factory sounds delightful! The last picture is a wonderful sight! Thank you so very much for sharing your experience! Have a great day!

    • amelied says:

      Thank you so much. Blogging is like sending a letter without an address or name, so you never no if anyone ever reads it. Your comment makes me feel like a lovely somebody is checking out my words from time-to-time. Much love, Pia.

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