Exhausted Bliss

On Saturday [12th Nov] I had an exhausting, exasperating and thoroughly satisfying day.

I had a class where we were creating 20 Christmas cards using one of three designs, and where everyone could choose their own colours. My gf Sally, also came however she was decorating a 60cm Kaisercraft mdf tree. I also had two munchkins doing craft under the table (one of students had to bring Miss 3yo &  Miss 4yo). So it was pretty hectic!

I also had a number of new customers come in (I had a 40 – 70% sale that day as well), including a young bride and groom – Madhavi & Brock. It is always thrilling to get new clients, but these two totally floored me when they said “we have been told by everyone we have spoken to about our invitations, that we MUST go to the Purple House to get them done”.

To all those local individiuals and businesses who recommended me and to Madhavi & Brock . . .

Sometimes, in fact very often, you feel more frustrated than a salmon swimming upstream.

However today . . . today I didn’t feel so small, so invisible :)


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