Yuletide Justifies the Sparkle

I have created my WHOLE life, which I will elaborate on another day . . . except, I have to tell you about the one year (I think I was 14) and I wanted to make my friends a row of little houses, made from wood with mitred roof lines. They were whitewashed and had painted flowers along the front. I bought a handsaw + a mitre box. I measured and cut on the front verandah of our house in the heat of the days. I painted, sanded and repainted.

When had I finished the little individual houses to line up for each friend, I simply cannot explain the emotion I felt. They were imperfectly perfect!

My best friend, Boof, kept hers until we were well into our 20’s. She cherished them so much. Then, 7 years ago all of that passion and creativity was stolen and it has only returned this year – and holy heck it’s come back with an explosion of sparkles.


I am in soooooooooo in love with the notion of MAKING Christmas again! Having Christmas as an excuse to just be making ‘stuff’ is freeing my imagination in an unbelievable manner. I am so excited about how many ideas are flowing and my hands are exhausted and yet begging for the next task.

I can’t describe my excitement. I simply can’t.

However . . . that isn’t the point of today’s post! Today I want to show you just a small sample of the DIY decorations I am making for the little ol Purple House. Kits, instruction and DIY posts will follow in the coming fortnight. Did I mention I am fireworks-level excited about Christmas this year? I feel like I’ve just eaten a massive stick of fairy floss and chased it down with a litre of coke!

So here they are;

1. Everything in one hit. Apologies for crappy photo taking

– I admit I am shizen houzen at it!!!

2. Damn honky nuts would NOT stop twisting around while I took this photo.

Bloody things – they can be thankful that they’re glittery & cute.

Grumble grumble.

3. Hand made paper bauble. Love it’s simplicity.

4. Not a fantastic photo, but this is just one of the wreaths I have made.

Who says you can only have one?


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