Finish before you start

WARNING – This post has graphic pictures of chaos & bedlam.

Proceed at own risk.

One of my least endearing qualities, is my inability to work on one project at a time.

I always read more than one book at once, I am always making numerous craft projects at any one time, I can’t sit and just watch tv as I have to be doing something else as well. To this end, my homes have ALWAYS been full of half-finished jobs.

However, without meaning to, I have instituted a policy of completing unfinished tasks before I am allowed to begin new ones . .

. . . Finish before I Start!

As you remember, one of my NYR was to breath, and in achieving this I began completing projects that were lying around – so that I could breath more easily.

Un-be-liev-able! Who knew that it was this easy? Certainly not me.

So . . . . . . .

Here are some of the projects that I have finished in just the last two days. Warning – make sure you are sitting down, as you may become light-headed at the startling progress :)

This is a scrap layout I am making for an online forum for Dusty Attic. I just need to add the photo, title & journalling.

These are the two cards I made for Drunken Stampers.

These inchies are almost finished for Artistic Documents. Just a bit of colour on the letter & a little something extra!

And finally, the shocking truth! This is my work space  . . .

now you see why I am starting to breath a little easier (it looked worse two days ago)

How embarrassment!


2 Responses to Finish before you start

  1. McKaysta says:

    Lovin it! Lovin you! :)

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