Pinterest – I’m like a dog with a bone

While I know a lot of people have put this issue to bed, I am still mulling over the copyright and original artwork issue that began a few months ago.

Admirably, Pinterest has made some changes to the layout of their pinning and ‘sourcing’ software so that now it is much more likely that the original source will stay pinned to the image, unfortunately this doesn’t address two extremely important elements of the argument.

1. If the original source of the image, has not given permission
for their image to be ‘pinned’ how can Pinterest claim
ownership of this product
(which they do claim under their agreement in Section 2).

2, If Pinterest is sued by the original owner of a ‘pinned’ image,
they (Pinterest) are not liable however YOU as the ‘pinned’ is liable.
(Section 8 of the Terms of Service)

See what I mean?

I am not worried about actually being sued, but I feel that Pinterest must be able to run the site and make money from it, without claiming ownership of someone else’s image or image of an original product.


What poops me the most about this whole issue is that their are other sites, who don’t seem to be caught up in this maelstrom, where I find it even more difficult to locate the original source from.

The Meta Picture  &  Flickr  &  Tumblr

So why am I  spewing forth my opinion on this issue AGAIN?

Well, on Pinterest tonight I came across a totally wicked DIY idea, that was created by someone in their back shed. They had it for sale on Ebay. The original pinned image came from the Ebay site. That came across clearly on Pinterest, as the source was listed.

So should I ‘pin’ someone’s idea knowing that I can make it
(a ‘Pia’ version)
myself, and probably will?

To pin or not to pin?

Sometimes I wish I didn’t think so much!


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