Another Day – Another Twenty Cards!

I was asked to make some more cards for a customer
(who I made 30 for yesterday).

Today she needed a dozen to finish of the list.
It was much a easier task,
as I was allowed to double up on some of the designs.


12 Cards . . . pronto!

Then while I was in the mood,
I made a quick five cards for Jane to sell
at Beside The Seaside here in Busselton.

My favourite?
The top right hand butterfly – it has a partial stamp on it in chocolate ink. It looks carefree IRL.

All these cards have been made from Collections Elements chipboard shapes that have been painted. Some have then been dry embossed & then wet embossed for effect. The other technique used is stamping onto the painted surface.

The cards are all large 140 x 140mm.

Five cards for BTS

And because I had more time I made some mini-bunting and a large bunting sign for BTS’s Mothers’ Day display.

Here’s the sign
(I forgot to photograph the mini-bunting before taking it to Jane).

Each letter is on c.s. that measures 110 x 210mm. It will hang in the window at BTS

There’s more to follow in the coming days.

Tell me what you think of the yellow and pink colour scheme.
It’s a first for me and I really like it.
Very soft and ‘charming’.

One Response to Another Day – Another Twenty Cards!

  1. scrappingirl says:

    WOW Pia , you are really rockin’ at making cards at the moment !!!!!

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