Some more creating

With Mothers’ Day, only a few days away,
I thought it timely to show you what I created
for Beside The Seaside as part of their Mum’s Day Display.

I made these four canvases

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Super easy to make . . .

  1. Cover a canvas with old book pages
  2. Place mask onto page and spray with ‘colour spray’ (such as glimmer mist)
  3. Draw inside the untainted edge of each masked image, with a black ink or ballpoint pen
  4. Fussy-cut a number of different shaped and sized butterflies
  5. Using trial & error, move butterflies around the canvas until you are happy
  6. Add a mirror shape with a thin piece of ribbon (such as Twiddleybitz one that I used)
  7. Add some bling amongst the butterflies (such as the Green Tara ‘sprays’ ones I used)
  8. Done!

If I get any requests in the comments section
for some closeups or more definitive destructions,
I will post some more details in the coming days


One Response to Some more creating

  1. scrappingirl says:

    these look TERRIFIC Pia !!!!

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