So where have I been?

I know this is crap – but I am just so busy.

I have been given full-time hours on the Autistic Bus (37.5 p/w) and I am having a lot of trouble sleeping and balancing all of my responsibilities.
Sorry peeps.
The crazy thing is, I have been making SO many creative and crafty projects.

Here’s a peek to keep you tied over, I am starting a new sleep regime tonight so hopefully I will have more time to blog and show you all my ‘stuff’.

T!m tape + Green Tara Flowers
+ Kaisercraft Stamp onto KC paper + Green Tara satin ribbon

Botany C.S. + K&Company adhesive strips + Kaisercraft stamp + KC paper + Gauze coloured with glimmer mist + scrap from old book (in background) + brown string + T!m’s Distress Markers (white in the ears of the deer & tail)

Although I only start at 5am (I know a LOT of mum’s who do that too) – I then travel the bus for four hours,
come back to the shop and try to do some work,
as well as general “Pia’ duties,
then I am back at the bus at 2:30
and not home until 6:30.

I only sleep a few hours in the night
(I don’t know why)
and so then I usually fall asleep at some point during the day as well.

VERY unproductive.

I’m not making excuses,
just telling you what I’m up against

Sorry about the shocking quality of the photos
I took them with iPhone as camera is on the fritz
& I can’t afford to repair at the mo :(


2 Responses to i’msorryi’msorryi’msorryi’msorryi’msorryi’msorryi’msorryi’msorry

  1. megan says:

    Pia petal, thats not good, can you go to a sleep clinic? Don’t laugh there is such a thing, a friend of mine went and shes all sorted now.

    • amelied says:

      I must admit Megan, I have almost used every trick in my gambit. A couple more nights and I may need to check out a clinic. Maybe while I’m there they can sort a few other things out as well ;)

      Thanks for your support, you big schweetie. Mwah!

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