Macrame – no seriously!

Do you know what search term has been one of my highest ‘hits’ for internet searches in the past month? MACRAME.

I kid you not.

And seeing as I don’t remember EVER doing a post on macrame
and I can’t think that I will hold a class, kit or online tutorial
on macrame in the near future,
I though I should at least post some links to some cool macrame.

Lots of link love here . . . .

Click on the image to get the link

The BEST online source for modern macrame that I found . . . . . By FAR!!!
Unreal photos and directions :)

Jasper Flower Necklace with Turquoise by Etsy artist Amira Mednick

Knotted Egg from

Macrame Owl from SixWeekBoutique

Macrame Bag from

Hanging Basket from

And peeps . . . . I saved the best for last!

Check these out.

Dior 2011

Gucci 2011

Melandrino Sandals 2011


2 Responses to Macrame – no seriously!

  1. scrappingirl says:

    OMG cannot believe is has resurfaced !!!!!

    • amelied says:

      And How! Can you believe the fashion? I actually love the gucci piece. It’s divine!

      And I will ALWAYS have a soft spot for macrame owls – I am a dag after all ;)

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