Altered Origami Flower Ball

I was mucking around with some old book pages last Friday, as I was trying to create a ‘fuller’ flower on a new origami flower ball I was making.

I didn’t want to add another element like ribbon/beads/etc, so I thought about how I could change the folding pattern to make the flowers look different.

This is what I came up with. You like?

Altered Origami Paper Flower

Have you ever altered the basic pattern of this cool origami flower ball?
Let me know.

I have also been doing quite a bit of scrapbooking – photos later!
However, what I CAN show you photos of is . . .

. . . . the fireplace I am slowly repointing (‘before’ photos)

Fireplace before re-pointing

Close up of degraded mortar

. . . . and the 21st card I made for a customer’s niece.

21st Card


5 Responses to Altered Origami Flower Ball

  1. noriel says:

    your card and flower looks great Pia … bu .. wow your fireplace looks like it is a long term job !!!!

  2. I like your creativity with the flower. It doesn’t any more embellishment. Excellent alteration.

    • amelied says:

      Thanks so much Janet. I am now making more and more of these – I can’t stop ;) Please send me a link if you make one yourself. I’d love to see it.

      • I like the fact that you seemed to use ordinary paper, from book, or newspapers. They created more subtle and earthy, natural feel. I like it. I’ll show you some of mine later. Keep it up!

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