Cotton Spools

Here at the Purple Paper House, we’re always looking for ways to avoid the boring and unnecessary parts of life;
– bookwork
– vacuuming
– dusting
– tidying

Which is why this week, when I saw this totally wicked tutorial via Jellybean Scrappers, I joust had to have a go.

I enjoyed it SO much, I have now made four of them. I wonder how many I will make by the end of the week.

Four Spools


Cute aren’t they?


And here’s how I did it . . .

Stamp an image onto plain paper ready to adhere it to a roll of any description (I used the internal roll from my cash register docket) . . .

Stamp, then glue

Continue adhering paper

Apply glue to end of roll

Sand off the overhang

Neat edges – beautiful

Circles glued together

Apply glue to ends


Attach circles to the ends
And you’re done!


2 Responses to Cotton Spools

  1. scrappingirl says:

    these look TOTALLY AMAZING Pia !!!!!!!

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