Paint Swatch Garland

Here at the Purple Paper House we’re a bit addicted to Pinterest.

Seriously, check it out!
Purple Paper House – Pinterest!

On one of my many forays into Pinterest Land,
I came across cute craft created using
Paint Swatches.

You know,
the free ones you pick up
in the paint shop or hardware store?

I have longed to make something with the numerous swatches
I have collected over the last couple of decades.

So Sunday I did!
And again yesterday.

Four garlands in total.

Four Garlands
One Photo



All the colours


Three Circle Ball
for Garland #1

Five Circle Ball
for Garland #2

Please let me know what you think of my little garlands.

I will endeavour to post some decstructions
(with photos)
in the coming days :)

Always pick up the swatches from a large store
(like a hardware warehouse).

All paint supply shops pay for the swatches
(as they do the paint tint which goes into your paint),
but do not charge you for them.

If you take the swatches from a small store – it will hurt them.

Unless of course you are buying paint while you are there
Even better for small business and competitive pricing in your community!


2 Responses to Paint Swatch Garland

  1. scrappingirl says:

    What a FAB Idea Pia … they look great !!!

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