More DIY Valentines’ Ideas – Yippee! – Plus a True Story About St Valentine

Would you like more DIY Valentines’ Day ideas?


Here at the Purple Paper House
we don’t actually celebrate Valentines’ Day.


we do LOVE the
true nature
of the day.

Valentines’ Day is a commemoration of
a priest in Ancient Rome
– yep he was called Valentine –
who ignored a decree from the Caesar
that soldiers were not allowed to be married.

The belief was,
that married Centurions
would not concentrate in battle
as they would be dreaming of their wives back home.

True stuff!

So, common soldiers were banned from getting married.

Now Valentine,
a true romantic,
thought that this was poppy-cock.
So he ignored the law
and married soldiers and their lovely ladies
in secret.

He obviously got busted,
was executed
and was eventually Sainted for his troubles.

So . . . . . . . .

. . . . what is the moral of my musings?

Well, Valentines’ Day is  actually a celebration of
married couples.

So I hope to inspire all those married couples to celebrate their
decision to become married
and their
commitment to each other.

Happy Valentines’ Day

Click on images to go to tutorials :)

Blooming Hearts - Literally!

Blooming Hearts – Literally!

Valentines' Day Breakfast

Valentines’ Day Breakfast

Heart-Shaped Boiled Egg

Heart-Shaped Boiled Egg

Red Wine Pops

Red Wine Pops

So what was your favourite DIY this Valentines’?

Let me know and even leave a link in the comments.
I’d love to hear from you ;)





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