I’ve Been A Bad Jelly Bean

I have been unable to spend much time at JellyBean Scrappers lately.

But, last Thursday I caught up with BigToni from JBS and she showed me a project that she had loaded at JBS, as a Challenge for April.

Here’s where she got the idea from . . .

Tea Party Blog Hop

Tea Party Blog Hop . . . click to link :)

Paper Tea Cup

Paper Tea Cup . . . click on image for link to Template & Instructions

Here’s the template, itself . . .

Ann Wood Tea Cup – Template


Her instructions are wonderfully detailed

Ann’s instructions are wonderfully detailed

I have started making my version. I am quite enjoying it

. . . well it does involve glue and mess :)

I will be posting a tutorial from my trial and also a new tutorial as I have already discovered a new way that I think I want mine to turn out.

. . . cause I cannot seem to accept what ‘is’!

I probably won’t get time until ANZAC Day
(Thursday 25th April)

Ciao bellas!


4 Responses to I’ve Been A Bad Jelly Bean

  1. noriel says:

    I had so much fun making my teacup and saucer and tea cup card … ENJOY Pia !!!!!

    • amelied says:

      Awesome Noriel.

      I’m enjoying the fiddling and fixing. It’s such a beautiful little project.

      Can’t wait to see all the finished little cups. :)

  2. Toni Laws says:

    *rolls eyes* BigToni is working on making herself smaller.

    Also finishing two teacups off, ready for the Grand Delivery to some lovely ladies tomorrow <3

    • amelied says:

      Can’t wait to see them. Can I put pictures here and link back to your blog when the Challenge is over?

      Pretty please with a cherry on top :)

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