Colouring In For the Holidays

A few parents here and there,
find school holidays a real survival challenge.

Especially the six week long, Christmas/Summer holidays
we have down here in Oz.

But I remember my Mum loved having us home for the holidays.

We were on the opposite end of ‘wealthy’ on the economic scale,
however we always had SO much fun.

I have such fond memories of
* playing with paper dolls (hours and hours)
* playing schools, shops and Mums & Dads
* mucking around outside
* and colouring in.

I really loved colouring in.
Still do – big time!

I decided that I wanted to make a poster for my 2014 ‘Word’,
which is actually two words . . .
“Dream BIG”.

After quite a few drafts,
I finally made a copy that I would be happy to colour in.

And here it is
for you to print off
and perhaps colour in yourself,
or share it with some ‘short people’ that you know would enjoy it.

And if you do,
please, PLEASE
send me a photo,
via the comments section,
of your completed awesomeness.



As a courtesy, please DO NOT use this artwork
in a commercial sense (profit from it).
It is for private or community use only!


Dream BIG

Clock on the link (above) to get an A4 size, printable copy :)

Click on the link (above – in aqua)
to get an A4 size, printable copy :)







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