Creating A Watermark for Your Photos

I have been trying to get my shizzle into action.

So many crappy things have happened to me in the past four weeks,
that I thought it was time that I
forgot all about it,
and just got on with my life.

So . . . . .

One of the jobs I had to tackle
and just always ignored,
was making/creating a ‘Copyright Watermark’
for the myriad of photos I upload
to the Interweb every year,
and the hundreds I intend to upload
THIS year.

So I did a quick search on my favourite Search Engine** – Pinterest

I came across a STACK of great tutes
for creating bibs and bobs on



I use to be a Photoshop,
then PhotoBucket, fan
but I have found PicMonkey to be easier to use.

I did NOT receive an endorsement
for talking about PicMonkey

(Jeez – I wish!),
it just happens to be a brilliant photo editing website.
It IS free,
however I pay the $4.99 a month
for the Upgraded version – bloody worth it!

I checked out a few of the ‘Pins’ to see which ones
best suited what I needed.

This one at Tempting Thyme, almost did it for me,
however wasn’t quite what I needed.
And of course, being a blogger,
she TOTALLY linked back to where she got her info from,
which meant I could go check out her source, for myself.

If only MainstreamMedia and BigBusiness were this ethical
– imagine how awesome our world would be !!!

So I went to Beginner Beans,
and followed Trina’s brilliant and oh-so-easy tute
on how to Create A Watermark
for my own use.



And here is the final copy of my efforts







So whatta think?

Any good?

What about the tutorials?
Did you find them useful.

Go on, you can tell me . . . .



** Yes, yes! I know Pinterest is not a Search Engine 
(as such), 
but realistically it’s an awesome way to locate something 
that you KNOW will be there ;)








5 Responses to Creating A Watermark for Your Photos

  1. Katie Weire says:

    perfect Pia. love your work AND you.

  2. owlofpurple says:

    This is a great post! I too have recently been searching for a watermark ‘solution’ that I can use on my new blog – thank you for sharing your efforts😄
    PS I think Pinterest is awesome too. I seem to get lost in it quite a bit though and go off on random tangents that are not what I was searching for but still look interesting.

    • amelied says:

      As soon as I read your comment about Pinterest – who DOESN’T get lost on a tangent?!?
      Is there anything wrong with that? ;)
      Really chuffed that my Post was helpful.
      I’d love to see your efforts if you make your own.

      • owlofpurple says:

        Hahaha there’s absolutely nothing wrong with getting lost in Pinterest 😜 if I don’t get lost in it at least several times a day then I get a bit panicky I might have missed something really good lol.
        I will link some stuff to you when I have watermarked :) :)

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