Pinning Well – Is Difficult

I know that this title sounds grammatically spastic – but it’s not.

You see I am referring to ‘pinning’ on Pinterest.
and I am also trying to convey, how difficult it is to ‘pin’ succinctly
to make my business grow (and make $$$).

It’s all such a juggling act.

So what am I doing to try to make things betterer?!?

This . . .

  1. I did a webinar with Melanie Duncan – it was fantastic.
    Melanie is insightful and knowledgable. I was impressed with her data and links.
    And it was FREE!
    `M Duncan
  2. I have converted my Perfect DIY Wedding Pinterest page to the ‘Business‘ setting.
    This will entitle me to statistics and other ‘goodies’ that a regular Pinterest user does not have access to.
    `Bus Covt
  3. I have been researching different methods to include the ‘Pin It’ button onto my blogs
  4. I have created and been using watermarks on my uploaded photos/images – check out my cool tutorial here.
    PDIYW Watermark - Medium

So, it’s all part of the journey to
give myself
a business and life that I love.

How is your journey going?

Have you started making your dreams come true?
I’d love to know :D








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