Pin It Real Good

I am such a fan of Pinterest.

The amazingly wonderful website is used by some for business, others to plan their wedding, some for a craft/fitness/finger nail(?)/cooking/raising children addiction and others to build an in-depth resource for their favourite hobby.

I am on Pinterest because I am passionate.
I am a truly passionate person; I love creating things with my hands.

There is something so incredible with having a vision in my mind  and working towards it’s creation. The mistakes, the trials, the practice and the triumph (& occasionally the failures).

I try a few times a year to go to my Pinterest account and clean it up. Organise any new boards and then check that the ‘pins’ have gone into the correct ‘Board’. It’s quite cathartic .

How Many boards do I have?!?!

How many boards do I have?!?!

So what’s your Pinterest passion?
Do you have a particular board that has a special place in your heart
that you just keep adding & adding to?








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