31 Days of July – Day 31 LAST DAY!!!

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Sunday 31st July

Up front – I am going to tell you that I can’t do my last action (No. 10) today. I have to do it tomorrow. That said – I will post a photo so you can see how yummy my creation is/was.

Mmmmmm. Chocolate cake. Mmmmmmm


31 Days of July – Day 30

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Saturday 30th July

I’m really looking forward to today’s action (No. 11), as I’m beginning to paint my g.f.’s laundry (the one where ‘numb nut’ almost ex-husband looked at for four years, uninspired). We’ve chosen colours and we’re beginning the clean and patch, followed by undercoat.

I’ll post a before and after photo when we’re done :)

31 Days of July – Day 29

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Friday 29th July

Polar Bear was scheduled to go back to the Pilbara today, but he got an extra 3 days off, so he could finally take his dad to the Truck Expo in Perth – they’ve been trying to go for 8 years.

So as I am not going to have my normal total flake-out Friday, I’m going to do No. 31. I don’t know why I feel that it will be a big deal telling everyone, maybe I’m worried that they might think I’m depressed (or worse). Anyway, it’s important that they know.

I’m hoping it may encourage some of them to become donors too. Fingers crossed.

Register Now!


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31 Days of July – Day 26

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Tuesday 26th July

It has been raining ALL day, but I was determined to do No. 18 on my list today. After I closed the shop and before I went around to my g.f.’s house to do some more renovations, I drove down to the playground at the beach, and . . .

. . . went for a swing!!!

The first 20 swings I nearly vomitted. After that though, I started to remember just how much I use to love it. Do you remember when you would lean back and really push your feet forward, pointing your toes as hard as you could just so you could get more height?

OMG – my bum was very wet at the end of it (rain on the seat – you thought something else didn’t you?), and I know I had a stupid stupid grin on my face – but I didn’t care.

I had so much FUN!!!

31 Days of July – Day 25

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Monday 25th July

I tried ever so hard to do No. 20 today. It’s my first FAIL on the list :( Β I just could not face a blustery , wet walk at sunrise.

I know, I know – I’m a big girls’ blouse!

31 Days of July – Day 24

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Sunday 24th July

Travelled to Margaret River today to see the Polar Bear’s favourite (only) sister. We had a sausage sizzle (yum) with her and her two daughters (her other-half had to travel to Perth for his a funeral).

While we were there, she asked us if we could take some boxes of bibs and bobs to her mum’s (who lives near the Polar Bear) and also some blankets, baby’s clothes and tinned food to the local Good Sammies in Busselton.

Ha! No. 22 done without any work ;)

Good Sammies

31 Days of July – Day 22

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Friday 22nd July

The Polar Bear comes back from the Pilbara today. It will come as no surprise to anyone that while he is away, I make small ‘upgrades’ to his living quarters. At the moment I am repainting his bedroom door (from acrylic to enamel paint), scrubbing the exposed brick walls in his kitchen, sanding and repainting his pantry, building a vege patch, and decorating his bedroom and hallway. So . . .

. . . today I have put some photos in frames and mounted them in his hallway. He has the most gorgeous nephew and nieces so it was time he looked at them more often. He always laughs when he sees this photo as well.

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