I’ve Been A Bad Jelly Bean

April 22, 2013

I have been unable to spend much time at JellyBean Scrappers lately.

But, last Thursday I caught up with BigToni from JBS and she showed me a project that she had loaded at JBS, as a Challenge for April.

Here’s where she got the idea from . . .

Tea Party Blog Hop

Tea Party Blog Hop . . . click to link :)

Paper Tea Cup

Paper Tea Cup . . . click on image for link to Template & Instructions

Here’s the template, itself . . .

Ann Wood Tea Cup – Template


Her instructions are wonderfully detailed

Ann’s instructions are wonderfully detailed

I have started making my version. I am quite enjoying it

. . . well it does involve glue and mess :)

I will be posting a tutorial from my trial and also a new tutorial as I have already discovered a new way that I think I want mine to turn out.

. . . cause I cannot seem to accept what ‘is’!

I probably won’t get time until ANZAC Day
(Thursday 25th April)

Ciao bellas!


Valentines DIY Ideas . . . & I’m Back!

February 7, 2013

Sorry for being MIA for so long.

Having your Mum stay with you for 6 weeks,
makes a gal put priorities elsewhere.

I hope you understand ;)


Valentines DIY Ideas

With Valentines Day a week away, I thought I would link up some lovely Blog ideas that I have collected.

They are all new ideas, however if you want to see some from last year
here and here they are :)

Please also check out my DIY Valentine board
(it’s brand new)
on Pinterest.

Love to you all.

Click on the photos to see the tutorials ;)

Wall Hanging that converts to Home Decor

Wall Hanging that converts to Home Decor

Red Velvet CheesecakeOMG!

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Hanging Hearts

Hanging Hearts

Pavlova Hearts

Pavlova Hearts

Fringed Heart

Fringed Heart

I am hoping to put up a tutorial myself in the coming days.

Check back in a day or so :)


January 4, 2013

I do love getting SMASHed . . .

I have recently spent some “me” time
which entails some serious
mucking around and getting dirty!

SO much fun!

Check out the following photos of my latest SMASH efforts.


On the following page I:

used a Tag from a swap, a picture from the Net, a piece of Foil that has been dry embossed and then altered with Alcohol Inks and then Fussy Cut

Page 3

Page 3

On the following page I:

have made this gorgeous winged heart,
by Die Cutting and Dry Embossing some card,
and Colour Blending the edges of the heart and wings.

Page 10

Page 10

On the following page I:

have simply Stuck in some paraphernalia from a quiz night

Pages 19 & 20

Pages 19 & 20

On the following page I:

stuck in a dried maple leaf, and attached a Green Tara floral sprig,
and then Added a piece of dainty lace

Page 25

Page 25

On the following page I:

made a Tag using a Stamp & T!m’s Blending Tool and Distress Ink Pads,
and on the Butterfly I have inked with Distress Inks
and then added a layer of Rock Candy, which I then Heat Set

Page 29

Page 29

On the following page I:

Hand Written one word, then Adhered a Tag made using
the Blend & Flick method from T!m,
and I have also Stamped an image and the year,
finishing with a Rubon on the top RH corner
and a small Bookplate with a handwritten Title.

Pages 43 - 44

Pages 43 – 44

On the following page I:

attached a a postcard I collected years ago and just could not throw out.
It now resides quite happily in my SMASH,
along with some handwritten journalling,
a Paper Heart and some plastic Tabs.

Page 50

Page 50

On the following page I:

created my “Oh Come On” page.
It’s where I grumble in code about different issues
I have adhered a small plastic bag,
fussy Cut a Border from some scrapbooking paper,
I have then Stuck down a Hand Cut cupey, a multi-layered Paper Flower,
a small Crocheted Doiley, a mini Skirt Pin and an Image of a Butterfly.

Page 62

Page 62

 This BAG is the key to my continued SMASHing.

I collect all manner of odds and ends and through them in this bag.
Whenever I want to SMASH, all I do is open my SMASH bag
and start
cutting, glueing and journalling!



So how do you SMASH?

Fleur Amour Canvas

December 21, 2012

I am teaching this class on
Monday, 24th December
Thursday, 10th January.

I have taught it twice before and have sold one of my canvases as well.

I find it such a beautiful, graceful and calming experience.
Painting the background is so therapeutic, and
making all the flowers is an explosion of colour.

I love what I do!

Fleur Amour Canvas

Fleur Amour Canvas

Snowflakes in the Southern Hemisphere

December 5, 2012

Something that kind of ‘cracks us up’ down here in Oz, is the winter images of Christmas. If you know anything about the Southern Hemisphere, then you must be aware that we have the opposite seasons to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere . . . .

. . . so, their winter is our summer.

Which means we have no snow, no snowmen, no snowflakes, no sleds, no sleighs, no icicles, no knitted jumpers emblazened with reindeer.

Instead we have Santa Claus in shorts, singlet and thongs (you call them flip-flops) with a hat and a red nose (from sunburn not cold wind), LOTS of lights, masses of ‘lit’ stars, lots of papermade decorations and heaps of glittery baubles.

However – this year I really wanted to try something new. Hence my experimentation with cotton doilies, fabric stiffener and left over embellishments.

Here’s my progress in middle of the project

Yes! I am working on the floor
because I am in the middle of building a new craft table
(which has to be finished today, cause I have a class tomorrow).

Yes! Those are floorboards under my craft mat. Don't judge me :)

Yes! Those are floorboards under my craft mat.


And this is just one of the completed Snowflakes.
I hope you like.

I love!


Crocheted doily, chipboard, fabric flower, metal button & paper swirl

Crocheted doily, chipboard, fabric flower, metal button & paper swirl

I’ll put up a “How To” tutorial soon


Cotton Spools

July 26, 2012

Here at the Purple Paper House, we’re always looking for ways to avoid the boring and unnecessary parts of life;
– bookwork
– vacuuming
– dusting
– tidying

Which is why this week, when I saw this totally wicked tutorial via Jellybean Scrappers, I joust had to have a go.

I enjoyed it SO much, I have now made four of them. I wonder how many I will make by the end of the week.

Four Spools


Cute aren’t they?


And here’s how I did it . . .

Stamp an image onto plain paper ready to adhere it to a roll of any description (I used the internal roll from my cash register docket) . . .

Stamp, then glue

Continue adhering paper

Apply glue to end of roll

Sand off the overhang

Neat edges – beautiful

Circles glued together

Apply glue to ends


Attach circles to the ends
And you’re done!

A Little Bit More Love for Mothers’ Day

May 10, 2012

Hi y’all.

A week ago, I made some bibs ‘n bobs for Beside The Seaside,
including the front window display. (I will get a photo tomorrow.)
Pinky Swear!

Purple Flowers

One of the projects I made were these cute (and simple) vase stands
using gorgeous paper flowers from Green Tara.
I didn’t take photos for a proper tutorial,
but below is the directions to how I made them.

Pink Flowers

You’re always welcome to ring Jane 9752 3888 – and buy them,
but otherwise have fun making them.

  1. Cut a piece of thick chipboard at least four times the area of the vase that you have chosen
  2. Paint the whole piece of chipboard in a base colour (use something complimentary to your flowers) – the darker the better, and at least three coats
  3. When the paint is dry, place the vase in the centre of the chipboard
  4. Randomly glue your flowers around the vase, using white craft glue or hot glue gun
  5. Voila!

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