Christmas Holiday Classes – Are Back!

December 25, 2013

I have had a LOT of requests
to run classes these School Holidays.

After a year away from this particular spotlight,
I was unsure if I could still do it.

And then I realised
– I missed it.


So here is the timetable
& photos
to help you visualise what each class is about.

Christmas Holidays 2014 – Craft Class Timetable

The timetable is mainly for CHILDREN,
I am eager to cater for adults at any other given timeslot
including the weekends or evenings
when a tipple or two would be socially acceptable!!!!


Flower Heart Canvas . Friday 28th December Thursday 16th January

Flower Heart Canvas
Friday 28th December
Thursday 16th January


Origami Paper Flower Ball . Tuesday 31st January Friday 17th january

Origami Paper Flower Ball
Tuesday 31st January
Friday 17th January


Cute Bird Houses . Friday 3rd January

Cute Bird Houses
Friday 3rd January


Decorate your own Crockery . Tuesday 7th January Wednesday 22nd January

Decorate your own Crockery
Tuesday 7th January
Wednesday 22nd January


Swirl Flower Garland (or Topiary) . Wednesday 15th January Tuesday 28th January

Swirl Flower Garland (or Topiary)
Wednesday 15th January
Tuesday 28th January


I will upload photos of the other classes as soon as I can.


Merry Christmas, y’all.
Luvs ya’s :)








More DIY Valentines’ Ideas – Yippee! – Plus a True Story About St Valentine

February 8, 2013

Would you like more DIY Valentines’ Day ideas?


Here at the Purple Paper House
we don’t actually celebrate Valentines’ Day.


we do LOVE the
true nature
of the day.

Valentines’ Day is a commemoration of
a priest in Ancient Rome
– yep he was called Valentine –
who ignored a decree from the Caesar
that soldiers were not allowed to be married.

The belief was,
that married Centurions
would not concentrate in battle
as they would be dreaming of their wives back home.

True stuff!

So, common soldiers were banned from getting married.

Now Valentine,
a true romantic,
thought that this was poppy-cock.
So he ignored the law
and married soldiers and their lovely ladies
in secret.

He obviously got busted,
was executed
and was eventually Sainted for his troubles.

So . . . . . . . .

. . . . what is the moral of my musings?

Well, Valentines’ Day is  actually a celebration of
married couples.

So I hope to inspire all those married couples to celebrate their
decision to become married
and their
commitment to each other.

Happy Valentines’ Day

Click on images to go to tutorials :)

Blooming Hearts - Literally!

Blooming Hearts – Literally!

Valentines' Day Breakfast

Valentines’ Day Breakfast

Heart-Shaped Boiled Egg

Heart-Shaped Boiled Egg

Red Wine Pops

Red Wine Pops

So what was your favourite DIY this Valentines’?

Let me know and even leave a link in the comments.
I’d love to hear from you ;)




Valentines DIY Ideas . . . & I’m Back!

February 7, 2013

Sorry for being MIA for so long.

Having your Mum stay with you for 6 weeks,
makes a gal put priorities elsewhere.

I hope you understand ;)


Valentines DIY Ideas

With Valentines Day a week away, I thought I would link up some lovely Blog ideas that I have collected.

They are all new ideas, however if you want to see some from last year
here and here they are :)

Please also check out my DIY Valentine board
(it’s brand new)
on Pinterest.

Love to you all.

Click on the photos to see the tutorials ;)

Wall Hanging that converts to Home Decor

Wall Hanging that converts to Home Decor

Red Velvet CheesecakeOMG!

Red Velvet Cheesecake

Hanging Hearts

Hanging Hearts

Pavlova Hearts

Pavlova Hearts

Fringed Heart

Fringed Heart

I am hoping to put up a tutorial myself in the coming days.

Check back in a day or so :)


May 5, 2012

No, it’s not a typo!

I am in the midst of a ‘De-Bog’.

Whenever my depression threatens to take over
I have strategies that I implement to
‘come back’.

Here’s one of them . . .

. . . I surf and surf and surf – on the net :)

And today I just had to share,
as I have been working on ‘getting out of the bog’ for days
and seen A LOT of uber-cool stuff.

Check it out, peeps.
Click on the images to go to tutes & links :)

Make your own canvas portrait

Photograph a glowing Christmas tree

DIY Leather-bound book

Oven bake bird houses

Cutting out embossed elements for cardmaking

Told you I’d seen a lot ;)

I’ve missed you so much

February 22, 2012

oh my god I have missed my blog so much. After a week of frustrating internet dramas and then losing my computer for another week, I feel as though I have been through a technological exorcism.

I missed my online addiction !!!!!!

And there is so much to share with you . . .
1. Collage craft on Sat 10th March
2. Renovation SALE on Thurs 1st Mar – Sat 3 Mar
3. Renovations
4. New computer
5. Three white dogs (instead of dark grey)
6. Teen sewing classes begin
7. New paper Suppliers/Lines
8. Revamped ‘Invitations’ section

I’ll post this, and then start blogging, proper!

Me (human bean) + Max (left) + Horatio (right) + Jack (bottom)

Finish before you start

January 14, 2012

WARNING – This post has graphic pictures of chaos & bedlam.

Proceed at own risk.

One of my least endearing qualities, is my inability to work on one project at a time.

I always read more than one book at once, I am always making numerous craft projects at any one time, I can’t sit and just watch tv as I have to be doing something else as well. To this end, my homes have ALWAYS been full of half-finished jobs.

However, without meaning to, I have instituted a policy of completing unfinished tasks before I am allowed to begin new ones . .

. . . Finish before I Start!

As you remember, one of my NYR was to breath, and in achieving this I began completing projects that were lying around – so that I could breath more easily.

Un-be-liev-able! Who knew that it was this easy? Certainly not me.

So . . . . . . .

Here are some of the projects that I have finished in just the last two days. Warning – make sure you are sitting down, as you may become light-headed at the startling progress :)

This is a scrap layout I am making for an online forum for Dusty Attic. I just need to add the photo, title & journalling.

These are the two cards I made for Drunken Stampers.

These inchies are almost finished for Artistic Documents. Just a bit of colour on the letter & a little something extra!

And finally, the shocking truth! This is my work space  . . .

now you see why I am starting to breath a little easier (it looked worse two days ago)

How embarrassment!

Merry Christmas

December 24, 2011

Today’s blackboard says it all. All my love . . . . Pia xoxo

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