Craft Storage – DIY Of Course ;)

April 6, 2014

I’m holding a new craft class this month.

Something I have a distinct passion for . . . . cool storage ideas.
Best yet – it’s DIY, so you can alter and adjust them to suit your own needs.

I LOVE having the ability and opportunity
to modify something to make it perfect for my place.

So cool!

I’ll post some pictures of my own choice as soon as I have finished :)


 `DIY Storage Class Poster







Fleur Amour Canvas

December 21, 2012

I am teaching this class on
Monday, 24th December
Thursday, 10th January.

I have taught it twice before and have sold one of my canvases as well.

I find it such a beautiful, graceful and calming experience.
Painting the background is so therapeutic, and
making all the flowers is an explosion of colour.

I love what I do!

Fleur Amour Canvas

Fleur Amour Canvas

October Holidays – Craft Classes

September 26, 2012

Oh my word! I can’t believe how naughty I have been.
No new ‘Posts’ since forever :(

However – I can prove that I have been VERY busy.

In the meantime,
check out the timetable for classes this October School Holidays . . .

clink the link . . .


So what else has been happening at the Purple Paper House?


I have been making a number of wedding items,
plus kits for the shop
these beauties for the

Perth Royal Show District Display.

The Whole Collection

Closeup of Microbead detail
on one of the flower balls

My own Design Invention
– fringing on the inside of the flower

Ribbons looped in the
centres of the flowers

I am teaching this class on
Monday 1st October
(a Public Holiday here in W.A.)
and on
Tuesday 9th October

Origami Paper Flower Ball

July 9, 2012

Hi originally saw this cool paper craft idea through Kaisercraft,
but have written my own instructions (My instructions – Paper Flower Ball)
to fill in some blanks.

They are sooooo easy to make,
although they do take about 3 hours (overall) to fold & put together.
I usually make mine in front of the tv.

Here’s my latest version.

Old books pages, that have had the edges inked
with T!m Holtz Distress Inks and a Blending Tool.
I have made different sizes and attached them
as I am experimenting with an idea in my head . . .

. . . not so sure I’ve got it yet – but hey! I’ll give it a crack ;)

Flowers ready to put together into ball

Side view of flowers attached to each other

I’ll put up some links later,
for some other people’s examples of this cool project.

Love you peeps!

Linky Love – Check out these websites!

Folding Trees
Flick River
Deviant Art – Blue27
Scarlet Petal

Thursday Cardmaking Class

May 24, 2012

Well it’s been an age since I have posted about our Thursday classes
here at the Purple Paper House.

Just a quickie today
(I wish, jelly fish)

I was desperate to make a card using vellum.
I think it’s a gorgeous material, but it is scary to use sometimes.

  • It melts if you heat it for too long
  • It can split if you try to dry emboss it
  • It’s non-porous

However . . .

. . . when you finally just ‘try’ playing with it – the results can be astonishing and truly beautiful.

Joy & I mucked around a bit at first,
but this helped us build our confidence.

Here is Joy’s gorgeous final results


Here’s our process (we started with the PINK card and honed our skills on the PURPLE card)

  1. Stamp a simple image onto vellum (flower – white ink onto white vellum)
  2. Add desired coloured (we used Snow White) embossing powder and heat set (we pre-heat out tool and then moved it around the page, checking for ‘hot spots’ regularly)
  3. Fussy cut images (we cut five)
  4. Score and cut base card (white pearlescent)
  5. Measure and cut contrasting patterned paper (KC Tigerlilly: Blossom) and ink edges (we used white stamp pad and T!m’s blending tool for soft effect)
  6. Stamp and heat emboss a sentiment on a piece of vellum (a.a.)
  7. Attach sentiment onto card (we used Balune tape as it is the clearest under vellum)
  8. Attach flowers in a cluster on the card (we used a wet craft glue, as this make the vellum ‘tighten’ and therefore contort a little)
  9. Voila!

Here’s my attempts. . . . I think I like Joy’s better. Well – I definitely like her photos better. Ha!


For our second card (the purple and red), we followed the same steps with the following alterations . .

  1. We used red embossing powder and purple vellum
  2. Our base card was red
  3. Our contrasting paper was Fancy Pants Oct 31 – Bewitched
  4. Instead of using the blending tool, we used a purple ink pad directly onto the paper
  5. We attached the sentiment to the contrasting paper with Balune tape AND two pewter split pins
  6. When finishing the flowers, we added some ‘slick’ purple kindy glitz to the centre of each flower (in random amounts)

I really hope you can take some inspiration from our cards.
We really enjoyed making them.

Joy has already tagged the purple card for one of her DIL’s birthdays in a few weeks.

Scrap Layout – Far Far Away

April 12, 2012

So the Jellybeans have inspired me to scrapbook. Actually do a layout and everything.

I rarely publish photos on the net, of my loved ones.


I did it last night.
I can not believe how much I enjoyed the experience. Really enjoyed.

I’ve used:

CS – Botany [Artee]
PS – “NSW” from Great Southern Land collection [Kaisercraft]
Journal Tag – scrap [BoBunny]
Leaves [Green Tara]
Large Flower [Green Tara]
Swirls [T!m Holtz – Elegant Flourish] cut from cereal box (by the gorgeous Noriel, for me)
Bird [T!m Holtz – Bird] cut from left-over box from a product (by the lovely Sharon)
Hat pins [Floral Craft Centre]
Feathers [My garden]

Exhausted Bliss

November 14, 2011

On Saturday [12th Nov] I had an exhausting, exasperating and thoroughly satisfying day.

I had a class where we were creating 20 Christmas cards using one of three designs, and where everyone could choose their own colours. My gf Sally, also came however she was decorating a 60cm Kaisercraft mdf tree. I also had two munchkins doing craft under the table (one of students had to bring Miss 3yo &  Miss 4yo). So it was pretty hectic!

I also had a number of new customers come in (I had a 40 – 70% sale that day as well), including a young bride and groom – Madhavi & Brock. It is always thrilling to get new clients, but these two totally floored me when they said “we have been told by everyone we have spoken to about our invitations, that we MUST go to the Purple House to get them done”.

To all those local individiuals and businesses who recommended me and to Madhavi & Brock . . .

Sometimes, in fact very often, you feel more frustrated than a salmon swimming upstream.

However today . . . today I didn’t feel so small, so invisible :)

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