International Day Of Happiness

March 20, 2014

Today is officially the
International Day Of Happiness
as afforded but the United Nations.

It is the day to make the determined effort
to giving yourself a moment of happiness.


Something that makes you smile,
or laugh,
or sing
or dance.

And it is the prefect day for me to launch
the small beginnings of my new business.

Today I release my first “Ban the Black Dog” kits.





Today on FB,
then on Monday they will be uploaded to my Etsy shop.

I believe SO strongly,
that being creative is the key to battling Mental Illness ***

If you are struggling with any sort of Mental Illness,
please know that you are not alone.

Call Lifeline
to receive the support you may need RIGHT NOW.


13 11 14




*** With the care of a GP, psychologist and or psychiatrist,
and along with medication and peer support.










1/2 Hour – It’ll Change You Life

March 18, 2014

I have spent the last 24 months trying to reevaluate
how I want the Purple Paper House to move forward
since closing my bricks and mortar shop.

I have enrolled in a NY Business Course (via www)
and I’ve been reading numerous texts.
I’ve created my “Inspiration Wall”,
and I have been watching relevant videos on youtube and TED Talks.

And tonight
I watched this half hour video
– which seems like such a long video –
but in reality
it zoomed by . . .

If you have EVER wanted to make a difference in the world,
then you HAVE to watch this video.

You HAVE to.








May 5, 2012

No, it’s not a typo!

I am in the midst of a ‘De-Bog’.

Whenever my depression threatens to take over
I have strategies that I implement to
‘come back’.

Here’s one of them . . .

. . . I surf and surf and surf – on the net :)

And today I just had to share,
as I have been working on ‘getting out of the bog’ for days
and seen A LOT of uber-cool stuff.

Check it out, peeps.
Click on the images to go to tutes & links :)

Make your own canvas portrait

Photograph a glowing Christmas tree

DIY Leather-bound book

Oven bake bird houses

Cutting out embossed elements for cardmaking

Told you I’d seen a lot ;)

Maybe loving THE VOICE is the key . . .

January 28, 2012

. . . this article had a quiet resonance within me.

Loving the Inner Critic

et tu?

Print by violetbellaphoto via etsy

I’m not the only survivor

January 24, 2012

When I wrote my post on January 18th, I was in a real place. A place  most others, especially my family, are terrified to admit exists.

But it does exist, and every now and then I am transported there. Against my will . . . and it it is my responsibility to get back from that place – on my own.

I want you to know, that I am stronger than that which takes me there. I am stronger than anyone who watches me go and come back.

and . . .

I’m not the only one who is dragged to this miserable, desolate and lonely place. I am not the only one! We can’t help each other when we’re there, but we know that we’re not the only ones who knows where it is.

There are others.

And this knowledge, helps.

I was never going to do this

January 18, 2012

I had made a very firm decision not to ever write a post about my depression in the sense of the negative impact it has on my life. I’ve never found it helpful to dwell on my condition and I certainly don’t ever want pitiful emotion tendered in my direction, because of it.

However, . . .

. . . I  feel that just now, right at this moment, it would be appropriate to share. I don’t really know why.

Easily the worst thing about my depression is the strength of the negative voice in my head. We all have one, especially women. You know that voice that every now and then just drags you down?

Well my voice is so black that it drips as if covered in molasses or tar. It oozes the blackness. And every time it speaks, it’s voice is like a wooden baton that has a hundred sharp nails, points outwards. This baton hits the ‘mark’ every time it utters. With pinpoint accuracy.

Within seconds I am disabled and feel like a 5 year old girl with short blonde hair and three younger siblings behind me, and they’re all waiting for me to protect them from the oozing blackness, but I only have the strength to protect them or myself. I always choose them.

This black voice disarms me even during my strongest hours. When I have achieved and have allowed myself to bask in even small glory. It will utter a simple and curt few words, and I will once again be five years old and powerless.

At the moment I am trying SO HARD to build my business and create a positive future for myself. I have spent an eon caring and nurturing others with no return – only rejection and heartbreak. I am prepared to start again – with no funds and no support. I am brave and strong enough! I am prepared to do this.

I just want the black voice with all it’s smelly and hot and sticky badness to leave me alone.

And it won’t.

Every morning I get up. I do something positive just for myself. Every day.

I have joined community groups, and have become more ostracised because I am too enthusiastic and gregarious – I’m too much! I have tried to be single and I have tried to be a partner. I’m alone in both! I’m alone now.

I won’t ever abandon the living – I’ve promised that I would not leave this legacy for my nephews (and now nieces). I truly won’t.

But I do wish I could disappear. That there was some manner in which I could exist invisibly, able to facilitate others happiness under an invisibility cloak. Passing on smiles and laughs anonymously.

I don’t know how to be nice to myself. Or kind. I don’t know how to quieten the black voice. Despite years of help** the black voice prevails and I am unable to sate or better it.

How can someone so incredibly inspirational and nurturing to others, be so condeming and damaging to themselves? Will I ever silence the black voice?

I just want to like myself. That’s all.

**Help is out there – I know I can seek assistance. I have had three amazing psychologists, an inspiring life coach and now have an incredible GP.

Yuletide Justifies the Sparkle

November 17, 2011

I have created my WHOLE life, which I will elaborate on another day . . . except, I have to tell you about the one year (I think I was 14) and I wanted to make my friends a row of little houses, made from wood with mitred roof lines. They were whitewashed and had painted flowers along the front. I bought a handsaw + a mitre box. I measured and cut on the front verandah of our house in the heat of the days. I painted, sanded and repainted.

When had I finished the little individual houses to line up for each friend, I simply cannot explain the emotion I felt. They were imperfectly perfect!

My best friend, Boof, kept hers until we were well into our 20’s. She cherished them so much. Then, 7 years ago all of that passion and creativity was stolen and it has only returned this year – and holy heck it’s come back with an explosion of sparkles.


I am in soooooooooo in love with the notion of MAKING Christmas again! Having Christmas as an excuse to just be making ‘stuff’ is freeing my imagination in an unbelievable manner. I am so excited about how many ideas are flowing and my hands are exhausted and yet begging for the next task.

I can’t describe my excitement. I simply can’t.

However . . . that isn’t the point of today’s post! Today I want to show you just a small sample of the DIY decorations I am making for the little ol Purple House. Kits, instruction and DIY posts will follow in the coming fortnight. Did I mention I am fireworks-level excited about Christmas this year? I feel like I’ve just eaten a massive stick of fairy floss and chased it down with a litre of coke!

So here they are;

1. Everything in one hit. Apologies for crappy photo taking

– I admit I am shizen houzen at it!!!

2. Damn honky nuts would NOT stop twisting around while I took this photo.

Bloody things – they can be thankful that they’re glittery & cute.

Grumble grumble.

3. Hand made paper bauble. Love it’s simplicity.

4. Not a fantastic photo, but this is just one of the wreaths I have made.

Who says you can only have one?

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