February 14, 2013


Acrylic Transfer Gun or Advanced Tape Glider

This is the most awesomest
(it’s totally a word!)
double-sided-tape dispenser, ever!

This wicked tool – I have the original red ATG gun – takes a couple of practice runs to get used to,
however once you do . . . . . . .

. . . . . unbelievably cool!!!

They cost between $70 & $95 dollars
and the adhesive rolls cost:
12mm $14
6mm $9

I will be running a tutorial here at the Purple Paper House blog
showing you how to alter your
fairly unattractive (yet highly functional) ATG,
in about 6 weeks.




Getting SMASHed

May 28, 2012

As you all know, I have developed a new addiction here at the
Purple Paper House.
I may finally bump coke off the number one “Can’t Kick It’ list.
Perhaps not a bad thing, when all is said and done!

So here is a photo of the front of my Pink SMASH journal.
Obviously I couldn’t leave it brown,
so I fiddled with some white, green and pink ink pads.

Needs some ribbon or lace next – me thinks!

Then . . .

. . . . I literally SMASHed.
I had so many little ‘bits’ that i couldn’t throw out,
but had no idea what to do with,
so they are starting to emerge with their own pages.

I’ve used a SMASH Calendar Pocket to store little card slips that I sell. I’m going to write all the cool blog posts I come across and keep them in here, so I can actually find them again one day!

I’ve used a sticker from the Pink SMASH packaging on the top right hand corner (I thought it was kinda cool) and I’ve used some toadstools from my ‘Nurture Nature’ SMASH embellishment packs. I’m a bit in love with the toadstools :)

I loved the cute SMASH Birdie Bookmark, but as my SMASH album goes in and out of my bag all day, it wasn’t going to work! So I stuck it in. Then I glued in a gorgeous paper serviette that I saw at my gf’s place.

Here is my gf, Sally, in the local rag. Where else would I put it!

I saw this in a catalogue somewhere and just loved it.

I am trying to rev myself up and finally DO my kitchen reno. These two pages are to make me start to ‘feel’ like doing it.

In my two kitchen pages – I’ve used a mixture of glue & wash tape. I love the effect.

I saw this image in the local ‘newspaper’ and I HAD to cut it out. Too cool, man!

I have a double page spread for “Fixing It”. I write, I doodle, I cut out & stick . . . and mostly I motivate – MYSELF

Inside the rear cover – The slip pocket is a cool storage spot for SMASH packaging, journaling pieces, labels, scrap paper, edging, etc.

Sorry about the really bad photo quality – I took them with my iPhone.
You get the general idea though!

Totally cute new embossing folders

September 27, 2011

Only $9.95 each. They won’t last very long . . . 

Tape Cutter – pre order now

September 5, 2011

Although the expected release for this product was June, we have had to wait patiently until September for them to arrive. The Couture Creations Tape Cutter (pink) will be in-store THIS week.

If you want a piece of this action, then pre order now :) At only $1.95, they’re a bargain and a tool you will not be able to live without.

Here’s where you can find more information on this useful pink addition to your tool kit.


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