Cat Haven?

January 1, 2013

For the past 8 days I have been
chucking tantrems,
cussing some more
and then completing
the Taj Mahal
of cat enclosures.

I better win Daughter of the Year 2013 or I will be seriously *@^ed!



The entire area blocked off to avoid any dog ‘smells’ getting near the enclosure . . .

Ignore the sagging - it's a design feature!

Ignore the sagging – it’s a design feature!



View from above – fairly palatial, don’t you think?

Lofty outdoor digs for a cat?

Lofty outdoor digs for a cat?

Facilities include: lavatory, landscaping, viewing platform, visitors’ parking, solid constructions (cough, splutter) and designer furniture.



One of the many features . . an armchair being used as a ladder.

The chair - used for entry & exit via the window

The chair – used for entry & exit via the window

So? Do I win? Daughter of the Year?

Bloody better!!!!


Well how about that!?!

May 21, 2012

I have been meaning to resurface
the blackboard I use at the Purple Paper House, for ever!!!

And so Saturday night, I brought it inside
and starting sanding and spac-filling.

Yes inside, get over it!

But the damn filler was too thick and just created more hills and valleys
for me to have to sand, fill and sand again.

I had to be able to find a thinner filler.

Wait a minute . . . .

. . . . what if I added water to the filler
and mixed it well?

I added water.
I stirred.
I applied
And it worked perfectly.

Well how about that!?!

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I’ve missed you so much

February 22, 2012

oh my god I have missed my blog so much. After a week of frustrating internet dramas and then losing my computer for another week, I feel as though I have been through a technological exorcism.

I missed my online addiction !!!!!!

And there is so much to share with you . . .
1. Collage craft on Sat 10th March
2. Renovation SALE on Thurs 1st Mar – Sat 3 Mar
3. Renovations
4. New computer
5. Three white dogs (instead of dark grey)
6. Teen sewing classes begin
7. New paper Suppliers/Lines
8. Revamped ‘Invitations’ section

I’ll post this, and then start blogging, proper!

Me (human bean) + Max (left) + Horatio (right) + Jack (bottom)

Am I really on holidays?

November 2, 2011

As if!

I’m actually using the two weeks closure to address a LOT of issues with my ittle bitty business, starting with . . . .

. . . my classroom!

A lot of people freak out when they come in my front door and see my chaotic ‘classroom’. Maybe I can see their point-of-view. Maybe I could see all along, but was powerless to make the changes necessary. Maybe now I have a clue :)

So here’s the old . . . (okay – I concede it looks bad)

Keep posted to see the NEW!

p.s. Notice the champagne bottle in the middle of the table? Bloody hell!

Why are the doors closed?

October 25, 2011

For the first time in nearly 3 years,

my little shop will be closed for a fortnight.

I am taking a break, organising a renovation and

planning a new phase of the Purple Paper House.

I can see people out-of-hours, so leave a message at the door

or on the phone (9751 3940)

and I will call back to organise a time.

Keep watching for some pretty exciting news!

31 Days of July – Day 22

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Friday 22nd July

The Polar Bear comes back from the Pilbara today. It will come as no surprise to anyone that while he is away, I make small ‘upgrades’ to his living quarters. At the moment I am repainting his bedroom door (from acrylic to enamel paint), scrubbing the exposed brick walls in his kitchen, sanding and repainting his pantry, building a vege patch, and decorating his bedroom and hallway. So . . .

. . . today I have put some photos in frames and mounted them in his hallway. He has the most gorgeous nephew and nieces so it was time he looked at them more often. He always laughs when he sees this photo as well.

31 Days of July – Day 21

August 3, 2011

Post Date: Thursday 21st July

I am helping a friend at the moment who’s ‘numb nut’ husband has decided to leave her (with no explanation). She now has to finish the renovations he started 4 years ago so she can put the house on the market. Lucky I love power tools :)

The point of my story? I decided to do No. 14 on my list, and instead of a single flower – I took a cutting from my garden to make one of her garden beds a little happier (pink flowers cheer everyone up). I have no idea what they are called, but here’s a picture . . .

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