Stamped Polymer Clay – I Couldn’t Stop!

July 29, 2013

As I already had the clay laying around
’cause I needed an excuse
I decided to make a just few more
stamped polymer clay images.




I even used some un-stamped ‘scraps’ to finish of a drop pendant design.




You like ?

So tell me . . . have you made anything like this.
I’d love you to share.

Put a link in the comments
so that we can all see your imagination at work.






November 20, 2012

Well it would seem that I have been incredible lazy and unproductive. Not True!!!

I have suffered the ultimate bloggers nightmare – no computer. My new iMac blew it’s LCD screen and the company that I purchased it through was very unhelpful (“Not happy Jan”). Apple themselves were unimpressed that my new iMac was stuffed but that unfortunately has not speeded up the process of getting it fixed.

It’s so depressing not being able to ‘do’ my normal online stuff.

I have been using my old iMac (7 y.o.) and believe when I say, it’s not coping too well. The internet drops out all the time. I can’t load photos. I quite often can’t access online sites like FB or JBS. Boo Hoo.

So I am being super optimistic and trying to upload a post today.

Wish me luck peeps!!!


Craft Classes – Some Samples

July 2, 2012

Hi Peeps
I just wanted to put up some photos of the classes I am running in the holidays.

The following pictures
are examples of the techniques we will use
in the Cardmaking Class.

Remember – each pupil chooses their own colours, stamps and theme for their work.

Blend & Flick Techniques

Blend & Stamp Techniques.jpg

Wrinkle Distress Technique.jpg


June 18, 2012

So where have I been?

I know this is crap – but I am just so busy.

I have been given full-time hours on the Autistic Bus (37.5 p/w) and I am having a lot of trouble sleeping and balancing all of my responsibilities.
Sorry peeps.
The crazy thing is, I have been making SO many creative and crafty projects.

Here’s a peek to keep you tied over, I am starting a new sleep regime tonight so hopefully I will have more time to blog and show you all my ‘stuff’.

T!m tape + Green Tara Flowers
+ Kaisercraft Stamp onto KC paper + Green Tara satin ribbon

Botany C.S. + K&Company adhesive strips + Kaisercraft stamp + KC paper + Gauze coloured with glimmer mist + scrap from old book (in background) + brown string + T!m’s Distress Markers (white in the ears of the deer & tail)

Although I only start at 5am (I know a LOT of mum’s who do that too) – I then travel the bus for four hours,
come back to the shop and try to do some work,
as well as general “Pia’ duties,
then I am back at the bus at 2:30
and not home until 6:30.

I only sleep a few hours in the night
(I don’t know why)
and so then I usually fall asleep at some point during the day as well.

VERY unproductive.

I’m not making excuses,
just telling you what I’m up against

Sorry about the shocking quality of the photos
I took them with iPhone as camera is on the fritz
& I can’t afford to repair at the mo :(

Scrap Layout – Far Far Away

April 12, 2012

So the Jellybeans have inspired me to scrapbook. Actually do a layout and everything.

I rarely publish photos on the net, of my loved ones.


I did it last night.
I can not believe how much I enjoyed the experience. Really enjoyed.

I’ve used:

CS – Botany [Artee]
PS – “NSW” from Great Southern Land collection [Kaisercraft]
Journal Tag – scrap [BoBunny]
Leaves [Green Tara]
Large Flower [Green Tara]
Swirls [T!m Holtz – Elegant Flourish] cut from cereal box (by the gorgeous Noriel, for me)
Bird [T!m Holtz – Bird] cut from left-over box from a product (by the lovely Sharon)
Hat pins [Floral Craft Centre]
Feathers [My garden]

Folded Card from Jelly Bean Scrappers

March 23, 2012

Try as I might, I still not seem to organise my creative space and this therefore means the shop. And I mention it because I have just created a card that I am quite proud of and I had to do the amongst “The Mess”.

Thankfully, I was inspired by Chris at JBS with her creation.

I will post instructions HERE, shortly.

Here is my attempt.

These cards are so cool because they stand so well on a mantle or shelf!

I love the colour combination of teal/turquoise and brown

My favourite part? I have a couple . . .

  1. All the detail on the Collections Elements chipboard butterfly

    Chipboard – painted, dry embossed, swiped with pearl-ex, edges dabbed with pinecone ink pad and then heat embossed with clear embossing powder. Final tough was a hatpin & purple thread!

  2. The Green Tara flower cluster

    Green Tara flowers – eggplant & cream Apple Blossoms, white Stemmed Flowers (cut off into individual blooms), dark brown 10cm Gerbera that was folded and then cut in half

And here is my disgusting and absolutely inappropriate creative space. See
. . . now you know what I meant!

Pretty bad, huh!?!


The gorgeous teal-coloured swirls are a T!m die that the lovely Noriel gifted me. She cut some T!m swirls for me, out of a Special K box. I then painted them in teal acrylic paint and doodled over them with a white gel pen :)

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