Table Trees for Christmas

December 9, 2011

I always feel drawn to small Christmas trees. The delightful way they mimick a real fir tree, makes me smile :)

Over the next week I will show you how to make various little trees to decorate your front entrance, dining table, sideboard or even the floor (I’ll make a copse of trees).

Here’s a peek at the first one . . . done in my Christmas colours for 2011 – purple and turquoise/teal.

Made from a polystyrene foam cone & hand painted and free-cut raindrops


Pia’s Bird Christmas Ornament

December 2, 2011

I have a really finicky taste when it comes to a few crafty items.

Love hearts – my preference is wide and a little dumpy (I think they look luscious and cuddly)

Just some doodled hearts on a scrap bit of paper :)

Trees – I like them outlined without too much detail

Twiddleybitz gorgeous Redgum

and birds?

Well . . . it has taken three full years of doodling and re-doodling to come up with my perfect bird silhouette . . .

Thick chipboard covered in a book page and sprayed with two shades of glimmer mist

So . . .  I have used this cute little shape as the outline for my first Christmas Decoration tutorial & Free Giveaway!

Fill with yummy lollies and hang on the tree. Mmmm mmm.

To make this ornament that can also hold sweet treats,

print the worksheet

 Pia’s Bird Ornament – Instruction Sheet

Have fun creating :)

A4 Printable Bird.indd

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