30 Cards in 1 Day

April 23, 2012

I had a colleague (from my Austistic Bus run) ask me to make some cards for her – sadly she is leaving for another career. (Exciting for her though!)

Not only did it stretch my brain/imagination but also my technique ability. What would work, look good and be dry and ready in only a few hours?

Here’s the result . . .


The toughest element of the task? Most of the cards are for men.
So the cards had to be attractive, yet ‘blokey’.

My favourite of the bunch!


Happy Year of the Dragon

January 25, 2012

Although my hands are flat out making wedding stationery at the moment, my brain is still able to be creative with other projects. So . . .

. . . as it was the Chinese New Year on Monday (23rd), I was thinking of how I could incorporate this into something crafty. I wanted to make a cool card using a dragon image, but I don’t have a big enough dragon stamp.

So I went to the Graphics Fairy to get a cool picture.

He’s kind of scary but cool as well!

Go ahead and ‘download’ him. He’s a freebie.

I’ll put my card up in a few days, so you can see what I created.

A Tree

January 7, 2012

I promised a mum & daughter crafting duo (Linda & Emily from Albany)  that I would publish my tree design as used in this layout.

I’ve covered the face of the children – you all know why

So here it is ladies, and everyone else who would like to use it.

Funky Tree Template

Just download and print onto your favourite paper to make a pretty funky embellishment :)

Thursday Cardmaking

October 6, 2011

Today’s class was fantastic, as even though we used some ‘older’ papers we came up with a couple of really diverse cards.

The first card had strong masculine colours and the second card will be excellent for a younger crowd. The girls were pleased as well, as both cards were very simple to make.

Everyone was happy!

These are Joy’s cards

and here are Sue’s cards

Hoppy was away being a grandmother, so the only cards left to reveal are mine :)

For the first time, I am going to list the products we used:

Product Details 6.10.11

and here is the template if you would like to make your own version

Cardmaking Template #4.ai

Thursday Cardmaking Class

September 25, 2011

Yesterday I think I may have tested my girls just a little bit too much. Following my monthly theme of using scraps, we made a background collage onto which we then mounted a simply stamped image. I think cutting small squares with a paper trimmer was not their idea of fun. [Although they enjoyed using the Xyron sticker-maker :)]

When completed, the girls did love the card. Phew!

Here is Sue’s

Here is Joy’s

and here is mine

(Hoppy had to leave before I could take a snap of hers)

Cardmaking Template #2.ai

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