Sometimes you just have to say it!

January 10, 2012

I have had some recent giggles after hearing what ‘Ye Old Busselton’ thinks my purple house is. I am . . .

a hippy house

a drug perveyor

a meditation centre

a weirdo (this one’s true, but nothing to do with the business)


So I decided to clear up the matter. Here is my sign for this week. Man . . . if this doesn’t work, then nothing will!

Do you think they’ll get it?


Today’s Quote

December 5, 2011

Possibly my favourite Christmas quote – and I’ve put it on my blackboard today :)

The power in the everyday

December 3, 2011

Although I am regularly accused of ‘never being still’, I DO often sit and look at things around me. Clouds in the sky, glitter in my carpet, sleepy eyes of one of my puppies, flower magnolias in main street, . . . .

Watch this video and find your power in the everyday.

The Power of Words

Now back to my glitter . . . sigh :)

Gorgeous Quote:

September 13, 2011

And the unicorn said, “If you believe in me, I’ll believe in you!”

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