Fleur Amour Canvas

December 21, 2012

I am teaching this class on
Monday, 24th December
Thursday, 10th January.

I have taught it twice before and have sold one of my canvases as well.

I find it such a beautiful, graceful and calming experience.
Painting the background is so therapeutic, and
making all the flowers is an explosion of colour.

I love what I do!

Fleur Amour Canvas

Fleur Amour Canvas


Snowflakes in the Southern Hemisphere

December 5, 2012

Something that kind of ‘cracks us up’ down here in Oz, is the winter images of Christmas. If you know anything about the Southern Hemisphere, then you must be aware that we have the opposite seasons to everyone in the Northern Hemisphere . . . .

. . . so, their winter is our summer.

Which means we have no snow, no snowmen, no snowflakes, no sleds, no sleighs, no icicles, no knitted jumpers emblazened with reindeer.

Instead we have Santa Claus in shorts, singlet and thongs (you call them flip-flops) with a hat and a red nose (from sunburn not cold wind), LOTS of lights, masses of ‘lit’ stars, lots of papermade decorations and heaps of glittery baubles.

However – this year I really wanted to try something new. Hence my experimentation with cotton doilies, fabric stiffener and left over embellishments.

Here’s my progress in middle of the project

Yes! I am working on the floor
because I am in the middle of building a new craft table
(which has to be finished today, cause I have a class tomorrow).

Yes! Those are floorboards under my craft mat. Don't judge me :)

Yes! Those are floorboards under my craft mat.


And this is just one of the completed Snowflakes.
I hope you like.

I love!


Crocheted doily, chipboard, fabric flower, metal button & paper swirl

Crocheted doily, chipboard, fabric flower, metal button & paper swirl

I’ll put up a “How To” tutorial soon


Challenging Myself

January 12, 2012

To help with my push towards greater professional methodology and to reward myself, I am joining an online card forum that runs monthly stamping challenges. The Drunken Stampers run challenges throughout the whole year. It should be fun.

I’m VERY nervous about putting my work ‘out there’, but . . . it’s time that I did!

So here are my first two entries. The theme was glittery Christmas card.

My favourite part? The silver brad & old copper embellishment on top of the tree :)

On this card I stamped a Christmas tree first and then covered with buttons and the ‘star’. I also stamped “ho ho ho” and a gorgeous holly corner wreath onto the brown frame.

My favourite part? The ‘Smooch’ painted stamens. Pretty.

 I stamped the “Merry Christmas” and compass (left hand background).

Calendar – My January

January 6, 2012

I just wanted y’all to see my completed January calendar page.

I think I might be a tad proud of it :)


It’s got the basics – but . . . BORING!


I wanted a page that reflected the optimistic start to a year, with a hint of the reality – i.e. wine glass stain

 and some close-ups

A gorgeous little brass frame + printed text + Glossy Accents

Prima flower with inked edges + Green Tara ribbons cut and stitched into flowers + Bo Bunny buttons and metal embellishments

What do you think?

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