Pinterest Picks – Paper Flowers

I recently posted a gorgeous Paper Flower Bridal Bouquet tutorial
by Lia Griffiths, here.

You see,
I absolutely adore making paper flowers. I have Created a myriad of flowers in my time in many shapes, colours and sizes. I just love using the Creative efforts of others as a spur to try a new technique, medium or manner of display.

in the early days of my Blogging,
I would constantly compare my work to that of other Creatives.

A HUGE mistake!

Mark Twain did say,
“Comparison is the death of joy”.

Nowadays, I get such a thrill from seeing
the imaginative constructions of others.

It genuinely inspires me to ‘have a go’ and try my own version
of their beautiful composition.

So feast your eyes on these inspirational fleurs.


Pinterest Picks - Paper Flowers


1. Emily’s Board: paper flowers
2. Kathryn Grady: paper flowers
. Classicly Amber: Paper Flowers
4. Shannon Bell: Paper flowers

 As always, if you do make some of your own spring blossoms,
then share a link in the comments.

I would genuinely love to see what your hands Create.







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