I’m Building A New Website

September 19, 2014


Over the past five months,
I have been training myself on how to build a website.

You see, I am not exactly flushed with cash and it is a pretty expensive endeavour to start a new business. So many little (& some large) costs that are incurred . . . . branding, postage, online shop, advertising, a website, marketing, stationery, photography, product/service production, social media updates, and so much more!

Hence, I have been scouting out free tutorials anywhere on the Interweb, to try to learn the basics and grow my knowledge base so that the website for my business [Purple Paper House] is totes-awesome!

website pdf


And I’m almost there!

So very, very close.

And I wanted to share some of the wonderful tutorials and websites that have brought me so close to creating my own, real and professional website.
I hope you find them as useful as I did.


This FREE Udemy by Erine Flynn course was a brilliant way in which to improve my website . . . .


Katrina from 77webstudio is very generous with her knowledge and her videos are brilliant!


And what can I say about Marie Forleo?
She is fun, funny, generous and dare I say it – wise.


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