I’m Building A New Website

September 19, 2014


Over the past five months,
I have been training myself on how to build a website.

You see, I am not exactly flushed with cash and it is a pretty expensive endeavour to start a new business. So many little (& some large) costs that are incurred . . . . branding, postage, online shop, advertising, a website, marketing, stationery, photography, product/service production, social media updates, and so much more!

Hence, I have been scouting out free tutorials anywhere on the Interweb, to try to learn the basics and grow my knowledge base so that the website for my business [Purple Paper House] is totes-awesome!

website pdf


And I’m almost there!

So very, very close.

And I wanted to share some of the wonderful tutorials and websites that have brought me so close to creating my own, real and professional website.
I hope you find them as useful as I did.


This FREE Udemy by Erine Flynn course was a brilliant way in which to improve my website . . . .


Katrina from 77webstudio is very generous with her knowledge and her videos are brilliant!


And what can I say about Marie Forleo?
She is fun, funny, generous and dare I say it – wise.


Calligraphy Letters? No Probs Baby

March 22, 2014

Have you ever wanted to have crack-a-lack at doing calligraphy?

I know that you can get kits and books and heaps of online tutorials.

How would you like a really simple version,
that will get you writing
– yep you read that correctly WRITING –
your own place cards (wedding)
door sign (bedroom door)
or even a title page (homemade recipes)?

Here’s a couple of tutes,
that will show you how just doing it
is all the skills you require.




Here’s my attempts.

Attempt #1

Attempt #1

Attempt #2

Attempt #2


Not so appalling is it?

I panicked,
when trying to think of words to write!

I suppose if I practice a bit
I could actually get good at it.

Will you have a crack?
I’d love to know if you do :D

Sorry just had to share this – it’s just a tad funny!






Pinning Well – Is Difficult

March 21, 2014

I know that this title sounds grammatically spastic – but it’s not.

You see I am referring to ‘pinning’ on Pinterest.
and I am also trying to convey, how difficult it is to ‘pin’ succinctly
to make my business grow (and make $$$).

It’s all such a juggling act.

So what am I doing to try to make things betterer?!?

This . . .

  1. I did a webinar with Melanie Duncan – it was fantastic.
    Melanie is insightful and knowledgable. I was impressed with her data and links.
    And it was FREE!
    `M Duncan
  2. I have converted my Perfect DIY Wedding Pinterest page to the ‘Business‘ setting.
    This will entitle me to statistics and other ‘goodies’ that a regular Pinterest user does not have access to.
    `Bus Covt
  3. I have been researching different methods to include the ‘Pin It’ button onto my blogs
  4. I have created and been using watermarks on my uploaded photos/images – check out my cool tutorial here.
    PDIYW Watermark - Medium

So, it’s all part of the journey to
give myself
a business and life that I love.

How is your journey going?

Have you started making your dreams come true?
I’d love to know :D







1/2 Hour – It’ll Change You Life

March 18, 2014

I have spent the last 24 months trying to reevaluate
how I want the Purple Paper House to move forward
since closing my bricks and mortar shop.

I have enrolled in a NY Business Course (via www)
and I’ve been reading numerous texts.
I’ve created my “Inspiration Wall”,
and I have been watching relevant videos on youtube and TED Talks.

And tonight
I watched this half hour video
– which seems like such a long video –
but in reality
it zoomed by . . .

If you have EVER wanted to make a difference in the world,
then you HAVE to watch this video.

You HAVE to.







Photo Editing – Totally Wicked, Man!

March 7, 2014

Although I still look back fondly
at my simple and care-free childhood,
filled with sandpits, backyard cricket, hide and seek
& running through the sprinkler on a boiling hot day;
I do look at our current supply of technology with glee.

So many really cool things have been invented and
have become affordable and mainstream,
in the last 20 years.

Mobile phones, LED lighting, DVD’s + BluRay, laser cutting,
digital technology, etc.

My creativity is being stretched and coddled and excited
beyond anything I could have imagined.
It’s so wicked!

So what is my current ‘thing’?

Photo Apps

PicMonkey Collage


There are so many mobile device (smart phones + tablets) Apps
and websites
that offer FREE or inexpensive (we’re talking $2 a month)
software that transforms not only images from our everyday lives,
but also our thoughts that we want to display.

Our thoughts, people!!!

Dream Big

Created in under 15 minutes

We can make our own ‘Inspirational’ posters
on our mobile phones
and then send it to hundreds of people via sms, social media or email.

This just blows my mind!!!

So what are these Apps that I am talking about?

I happened upon a thread at the B-School FB page
(B-School begins next Monday,
insert real terror here – )
that listed the most awesome catalogue of Apps
and I just had to write them all down.

So here they are.
Check them out and let me know which one is your fave :D

I have listed whether it is compatible with
Android (Ad) + iPhone (iP) + + Tablet (Tb) iMac (iM),
where I can :)
Sorry if I have made any errors.

Feel free to correct in ‘Comments’.

A Beautiful Mess – iM, Ad, iP, Tb

Adobe Photoshop Express – iM, Tb, Ad, iP

Afterlight – iM, Ad, iP, Tb

Be Funky – iM, Ad, iP, Tb

Camera+ – iP, Tb

Canva – iM, Ad, iP

Gimp – iM

Hipstamatic – iM, Ad, iP

Instaquote by Red Cactus – iM, Tb, Ad, iP

Keynote – iM

Lemeleme – iM, PC, iP, Ad

Phoster – iM, Ad, iP, Tb, PC

PicLab – iM, iP, Ad, Tb

PicMonkey – iM, PC

Pinstamatic – iM, PC

PixelMator – iM

Pixlr Express – iM, Tb, Ad, iP

pixlr-o-matic – iM, PC, iP, Ad, Tb

Over – iM, iP, Ab, Tb

Overgram – iM, Ad, iP

Quotes Cover – iM, PC

Quozio – iM, PC

Rhonna Designs – iM, Tb, Ad, iP

Sketch Guru – iM, iP, Tb

Snagit – iM, PC

Stackables – Ad, iP

Statigram – iM, PC

Studio Design by Overlay Studio – iM, Ad, iP

Typic – Tb, Ad, iP

VSCO – iP, Ad

Word Swag – iM, Ad, iP

NB – If you have tried to use one of the listed software Apps above,
and have issues or problems – then PLEASE SHARE in the comments.
I will use YOUR comments in a review of this post in the coming month :)
Thx in advance. xxx. Pia


So what do I use?

Well, currently I am a PicMonkey devotee.

I love that I can create collages REALLY easily and I also love their fonts.
I”m a font addict!

Don’t get me wrong – I’m a total novice
and I am constantly making mistakes that look cool!
I just figure I’ll make sense of ‘how to’,
over time.

However, they also have a pretty cool blog,
that shares tips, trends and “how to’s”.


So do you have a favourite?

Go on,
you can tell me ;)

Share your opinion in the comments.
I’d luv ya to!






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